Remember the game, “Beware the Spider”?

Remember the game, “Beware the Spider”?

Beware the Spider was an Ideal board game I used to play back in the early 80s. The object of the game is to remove all the creepy, crawly (plastic) bugs from the spider’s web before “gets” you.


The game’s hardware is not unlike Operation. The spider’s web is actually a thin layer of conducive foil, and the tongs you must use to remove the plastic critters are also metal. The spider is made out of foam (which makes it really light), and sits on top of a small motor. The plastic bugs (scorpions and bats, mostly) sit just barely above the thin layer of metal. If you touch the metal prongs to the foil-covered spider web, a circuit is completed and the motor spins up, throwing the foam spider in your face.

In early 2011 I was walking through an antique mall when I spotted Beware the Spider, complete in the box. I hate it when vendors don’t put prices on things, so I did what many men do — I handed my wife a bunch of bills and said, “don’t pay for than $50 for it.” A few minutes later my wife returned with both the game and a wad of cash. “The guy only wanted $5 for it.” Score!

Sadly for me, my new copy of Beware the Spider doesn’t seem to work. At first I thought the motor had died, but after further testing it appears that the foil is so old that it simply no longer conducts electricity. In it’s current state, this is one spider you won’t need to beware.


Here is a classic commercial, where you can see this classic in action…

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  1. I loved old battery powered games like this. My grandparents had a lot of them. Thanks for posting this.

  2. I had this game! I never had the box, however (I think it was a garage sale purchase) so I never knew the game. Great find.

  3. Great find Flack, I have seen the game in varying degrees of decay over the years, but like Carlos, I had never seen the box.

  4. I had this game when it first came out but lost it somehow and would love to replace it. Please contact me with any leads you might have as to where I can get my hands on one.


  5. Rob – Have you already sold it?

  6. WOW this Is one I havent heard of! Cool post guys! Funny that they choose foil as the conductor! They had to know this game was not one to pass down to your kids!

  7. Oh my god. I’ve been thinking about this game for about two weeks now. I received this as a gift in the early 1980’s and couldn’t for the life of me remember the name of it. Thanks!

  8. I wish they continued to make games like this… Maybe then kids wouldn’t be stuck in front of a screen 24-7. Games like this promoted interactivity and fun and yes let’s face it fighting! But I would rather have these old games back than anything they come up with today…
    Nobody remembered this particular game, but I knew I had never imagined it… Thank you so much for posting this so we can remember the name even of this classic.

  9. I am currently looking for this game – I don’t need the box, but it does need to work and have the foam spider. willing to pay good price for it.

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