The Howling Theatrical Poster (1981)

The Retroist and I both have discussed the classic Joe Dante helmed Werewolf extravaganza the Howling, here and here.

Like the Fog theatrical poster last week, this is another fine example of great 80’s poster design! Not to mention it’s really, really creepy. I can vividly recall in my youth staring at this poster at the 62 Drive-In, drinking my Coke and waiting for my Father to pay for the Hot Dogs and Popcorn.

Thanks to IMP Awards for this scanned image of the original theatrical poster!


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4 thoughts on “The Howling Theatrical Poster (1981)

  1. Great movie, especially the transformation of the werewolf. Seemed so ground breaking at the time, and holds up even now. Too bad the sequels were such stinkers.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Chilling werewolf movie with great actors.
    Yeah, this poster really sells the horror of body transformation and of being a victim, either slashed to death or cursed to roam hairily about on full moons.

    One of my favorite opening scenes of modern horror tales, lurid, sorta funny and terrifying
    ( I always found close-quarters with monsters to be a disturbing idea, and the camera loves to scare us that way).

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