13 Games of Halloween Day 4 – Dark Seed

On the fourth day of Halloween,
our Dark Lord Cthulhu brought unto us
A man torured by his dreams.

What happens when you take the surreal art of HR Giger and merge it with video games. You get Dark Seed, the surreal and very dark adventure game.

One night Mike Dawson has a Nightmare. In this nightmare he is imprisoned in an alien machine and the embryo of something evil is implanted into his head. The following morning he wakes in his new home with a splitting headache. After have some pain relief he explores his new home some more and finds clues about the previous owner death. And more shockingly the entrance to another dimension hidden in his new home. Will Mike be able to unravel the mystery of the Dark Seed before it is too late to save both himself and all of Humanity?

Dark Seed was a very rich and dark game. It is, however, not an easy game to play. The puzzles are all time sensitive and one mistake with timing means that the game will go into an un-winnable state. It will take multiple plays to know where and when actions must be taken in order to win. This means you maybe watching the same cut scenes and playing out the same actions many times. When I owned the game on the Amiga I remember it taking me months to complete.

Yet given enough time and patience this game is rewarding and the levels of detail woven into the game, and the duel world mechanics, mean it is worth the play. Also the art work by Giger looks stunning especially on something like the AGA Amiga hardware.

The game is available for the Amiga (OCS/ECS and AGA), Amiga CD32, MS DOS, Macintosh, Sega Saturn and PlayStation. Be aware that the Saturn version is only available in Japan but is in English with japanese subtitles. So it is playable for those who like to import their games.

If you wake in the morning to find you have a headache you best check for a portal to another dimension and get help.




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