Pumpcast – The Jack-O-Lantern Dreamcast Case

A couple of years ago, a web forum I frequent held a “video game-themed Jack-o-Lantern” contest. I wanted to enter something original and something retro. Thus was born, the Pumpcast.


The Pumpcast consisted of two hollowed out pumpkins. The top one held a small (7″, I think) flat screen. In the bottom one, I “mounted” (as much as one can mount a piece of electronics inside a slimy gourd) a Dreamcast.

In retrospect, I had two regrets regarding the Pumpcast. The first is, I wish I had used an older system — I think the “PumpNES” has a nicer ring to it. My other regret is, I didn’t have time to track down Resident Evil or any other real horror-themed games. Instead I used Godzilla Generations. I have to give myself partial credit for the monster theme, at least.

I didn’t win the contest, but I did set this out on my front porch for Halloween. (I removed the controller, so it was more of a display than an interactive gaming console.)

It took a lot of lemon-scented cleaner to get the pumpkin smell out of that Dreamcast …

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