13 Games of Halloween Day 3 – Pinball Fantasies

13 Games of Halloween Day 3 – Pinball Fantasies

On the third day of Halloween,
our Dark Lord Cthulhu brought unto us
A table full of fun.

Today is a little bit of fun. After playing Resident Evil 3 and Silent Hill you might be a little jittery. So today why not play what I consider an Amiga classic.

Pinball Fantasies.

I hear you cry “Tis but a trick.This game is not a Halloween title!” however one table could be considered a good one. And that table is Stones N’ Bones as it fits the Halloween theme brilliantly. With a haunted castle, ghosts and assortment of other cartoon horror characters. the table also offers a fair amount of challenge.

It would be fair to say that I love this title. It is one of the best examples of a Pinball sim I have come across. That why I feel this should be the third game of Halloween. And I also offer a friendly challenge to see who can get the highest score between now and Halloween. I am going to start a thread and I want people to post screenshots of their high scores. Or even leave them in the comments section bellow.

The game is available for the Amiga (OCS/ECS and AGA), CD32, DOS, Atari Jaguar, SNES, iOS devices and finally the PSP. So grab a copy on join in the fun.



I grew up in the magical 8-bit era of computers and consoles. I saw the games crash and saw the recovery from it with the NES. I will always have my trusty C64 in my office and when the need arises I will pop a tape in the Datasette and play some classic games. With a wealth of knowledge, especially on old-school rpg's, I hope to bring it to you. The viewers of Retroist.com

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  1. If you like virtual pinball games you should try Pinball Quest for the NES.

  2. I have that one and it is pretty entraining but no Pinball Fantasies in my opinion lol. I also have Pinball staring Mario and Pauline. That however is not a very good pinball game lol.

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