I am C-3PO, Human-Cyborg Relations…and Awesome Halloween Costume!

I am C-3PO, Human-Cyborg Relations…and Awesome Halloween Costume!

C-3PO’s primary function as a protocol droid was to assist with etiquette, customs, and translation so that meetings of different cultures ran smoothly. What a perfect companion on Halloween night with so many potentially bungling communications between incongruous monsters, superheros, animals, pirates, ghosts, witches, zombies, and human adults! Continuing our Star Wars themed costume week, let’s check out these droids.

Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating the perfect Halloween costume is approximately 3,720 to 1. This one beats the odds. I just love this tinfoil looking outfit and moon boot style covers for the sneakers, which peek out at the bottom.
Photo by My Entropy

Artoo says that the chances of creating an awesome homemade costume are 725 to 1. Actually Artoo has been known to make mistakes…from time to time…this one’s nearly perfect. Click the WarPig link to read all about the making of this costume…including the gold painted skivvies.
From WarPig

There’s been some terrible mistake. I’m programmed for etiquette, not trick-or-treating!
Photo by corelliancaptain

What do you mean, “At least my creator wasn’t Darth Vader”? Darth, say it isn’t so! By the way, Darth, don’t kids usually wear shirts under these vinyl smocks?
Photo by numskullery

Halloween in Durant, Oklahoma 1978

Well, now, something’s not right, because now I can’t see! It must be this plastic mask.
Photo by sidesmirk


Don’t look at the dogs, work the lock! You looked at the dogs!

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  1. I like #1 3PO with a gun is great. #3 is amazing for the time even with the odd gold underwear.

  2. This is my favorite halloween post so far – if only because I’m having trouble understanding why a kid would want to be an annoying sidekick for Halloween. Maybe it’s the cool British accent. Anyway – these photos represent the best of all things Halloween to me.

  3. “if only because I’m having trouble understanding why a kid would want to be an annoying sidekick for Halloween.”

    I went as C3P0 2 years in a row…

  4. Another great post, Metagirl! I’m going to have to vote for #3 because you can see the sheer joy in that kids eyes as he strikes an etiquette and protocol pose!

    I went as C-3PO as well…I mean…he’s a robot AND British. How can you go wrong? ;)

  5. Geez – first I’m not crazy about the taste of monster cereals, now this. I’m well on my way to getting banned from the site.

  6. Yeah, #1 tin-foil Threepio with a ray gun is awesome.

    But yeah, #3’s glee is contagious and winning.

    But I’d like some of #2’s golden underwear for myself.
    Then I’d go around singing “I’ve Got A Golden Ticket” all day.
    I’d probably need a restraining bolt to prevent such behavior.

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