13 Games of Halloween Day 2 – Silent Hill

On the second day of Halloween,
our Dark Lord Cthulhu brought unto us
A man searching for his daughter.

If the Resident Evil series is about delivering it’s scares through shock tactics then Silent Hill is about been subtle and ramping the suspense up before delivering it’s scares. Something that the game seems to be able to do all too well.

You are Harry Mason, a 32 year old writer, who is taking his daughter, Cheryl, for a holiday at the sleepy vacation resort of Silent Hill. While traveling to Silent Hill, Harry swerves to narrowly miss a young gril on the road. Resulting in him crashing his car. After regaining conciousness he discovers his daughter is missing. Thus starting his journey through the town of Silent Hill.

I like Silent Hill because it is a bold departure from what we had seen with Resident Evil. The way the horror works is more to my liking as it makes your brain go into overdrive about what’s potentially coming rather than just having stuff jump out at you. The protagonist feels more human and becomes tired easily after running, as seen when he pants and puffs after sprinting. He also has no weapons training and it shows in the way he handles a weapon and again makes him feel more human and just a regular person in a very abnormal situation. The story evolves slowly and gradually builds up pace towards the end. And the actions you take throughout the game dictate the ending you will receive.

That’s why I recommend Silent Hill as your second game of Halloween. Just remember it’s only a game.


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