The Creature Wasn’t Nice

The Creature Wasn’t Nice

The 1983 film “The Creature Wasn’t Nice” was released under a different names throughout the years. When the film debuted on cable it was simply known as “Spaceship”. Years later when the film hit the home video market it was renamed “Naked Space”. This was done to ensure that it would be located next to the Naked Gun films in video stores.

“The Creature Wasn’t Nice” takes place on a spaceship that is home to five astronauts: the great Leslie Nielsen, Cindy Williams, Gerrit Graham, Patrick Macnee, and Bruce Kimmel. Bruce Kimmel is a prolific producer of music, plays, and musicals, but to me he will always be known as “the guy that wrote and starred in The Creature Wasn’t Nice.”

The Creature Wasn't Nice

What began as a “small piece of goo” brought aboard the ship eventually grows into a full grown, one-eyed monster. The ship’s doctor (Macnee) is convinced that the creature is harmless, but the rest of the crew isn’t so sure. Eventually, the crew comes up with the idea of hooking the creature up to the ship’s computer. This allows them to translate his grunts and howls into English. What follows, as they say, is history.

I would like to note that not only did I spend the time to learn the lyrics of this song as a kid, but I actually learned the entire dance choreography as well. Ha-cha-cha-cha-cha!

I’m a sucker for bad monster movies, and The Creature Wasn’t Nice certainly fits that bill. There’s singing, there’s dancing, there’s a variety show, and at least three of the cast members end up in the creature’s belly. What’s not to love? Rumor has it that the final cut of this film differs greatly from the original script. This is definitely one of those “so bad it’s good” films.

I picked up this movie on DVD (under the name “Naked Space”) a few years ago in a Walmart bargain bin for about $5. Happy hunting … and don’t let any monsters eat your face this Halloween!

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  1. I saw this movie on USA and loved it. I don’t know if it’s so bad it’s good. I’d say it’s so stupid it’s good. The humor in it is ridiculous yet it makes me laugh. This is perhaps the best scene, but there are several other good ones. And Cindy Williams looks the hottest she ever did in this film. I got the VHS copy called Spaceship. Good pick, Flack.

  2. I used to love this movie! The last time I saw it was the same day I saw Goonies in the theater!

  3. My favorite line is when they land on the planet, and before going outside to explore, the scientist cautions, “Their oxygen might be different from ours.”

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