Something that always scared me as a kid were silhouettes. There something about knowing someone is just on the other side of a curtain but not being able to tell who it is that was always unnerving to me. Maybe that comes from having watching Psycho one too many times as a kid.

Hallowindow is a series of Halloween videos that are designed to be projected on to a sheet-covered window in your home on Halloween night. The videos come in both “normal” and “mirror-imaged” formats, so if you’re projecting from the rear, the words will not appear backwards when viewed from outside your home. Each video is only a few minutes long, but they’re long enough that the average trick-or-treater will not see the same thing twice.

Again to clarify; the projector is inside the house, projecting the videos on to a sheet which is also hung inside the house, covering the window. This footage (courtesy of Youtube’s alsautoandappliance) was shot from outside the home, as it would appear to trick-or-treaters.

The videos are available on physical DVDs, or as direct digital downloads. Last year, I bought all four downloadable packages (Hallowindow I-IV), set them up as a playlist on my laptop, connected my laptop to my projector, and let them run in a loop all night long. We also cracked open our window and put a pair of computer speakers up to the screen, to play the spooky soundtrack as well.

As a result, this is what my front yard looked like last Halloween, all night long:


Hallowindow was a huge success! Kids were frightened by it (in a good way — there’s nothing too scary or gory in the videos), and adults absolutely loved it! Every time I checked, parents were outside (usually in the street) watching the entire video loop.

We’ll definitely have the Hallowindow video loops running again this Halloween. In a time where fewer and fewer people each year seem to participate in trick-or-treating, I love adding something to my neighborhood and giving the visiting kids (and adults!) something to remember.

Rob O'Hara

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  1. Pretty cool, Flack. I love the moments like at 5:30ish/7:15ish where they use the conceit of the window. Simple, yet more creepy than some of the other stuff.

    Kudos for making your house not only Halloween-friendly, but memorable.

  2. I have seen some Hallowindow-like things in neighborhoods, but yours is a showstopper Flack. That would have given me nightmares as a kid. Well done!

  3. Flack…thank you so very much for sharing this! I totally need to get my hands on these DVD’s! I loved the 2:18 mark until it’s finish…that was so awesome!

    I wish they could get Universal Studios in on the fun though, having this type of footage with the classic monsters would be the greatest!

  4. Flack, between this loving tribute to Halloween at your house, and your many arcade cabinets, I wanna be your new neighbor.

    Let me know when you’re moving and I’ll be a Wilson next door, with my head peeking out the top of the picket fence and an armful of candy and quarters at the ready.

    Vic – I second the vote for a Universal monsters Hallowindow experience.
    Mebbe I could project my Super 8 reels on my window to get things started.

  5. @Atari Sadly my 8MM projector has died on me, friend. So if you can get that to work…video it and let me post it! :)

  6. I set up mine for a test run tonight, front windows already have a sheer curtain panel and it worked great. I might download the hallo window stuff. I have some DVDs that are similar with skullls, X-rays and creepy images.

  7. Ooh, are those DVDs you can buy? I’d love to add some more video loops to mine.

    I am thinking this year of including a plug for my website and the Retroist as well!

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