Modern Collector – John Murdy “Monster Protector” (2010)

Stumbled across this video by Sideshow Collectibles where they shine a spotlight on modern collector, John Murdy, who happens to be the Creative Director for the Universal Studios theme park! In this video he explains not only his love for the Universal Monsters but what makes them so fascinating and I can honestly say he sums it up far better than I ever could!

A huge thanks to The Studio Tour.Com for the photo of John chilling in front of Norman Bates and his Mother’s house. Make sure to follow the link for an excellent interview on that website!

A big thanks as well to Premium Format for uploading this video on YouTube.


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2 thoughts on “Modern Collector – John Murdy “Monster Protector” (2010)

  1. That is what I do not understand about the Monster community. This guy has collected some things sure, and he gets all kinds of press about it. Here I bust my ass making a Monster Cafe restaurant and I get the cold shoulder every single time. I cannot get any press about it. Only two bloggers have even talked about it. The rest ignore me. So do Famous Monsters and Scary Monsters magazine. It sucks because I have been pounding away at it for three years now.

  2. I think there is something I can do about that, friend. I remember you posting all the way back on my Victory Pellet site a couple of years ago. I’ll send you a PM on Facebook. :)

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