Horror House: The Board Game

Found this neat looking Horror game released by Bandai over on Board Game Geek! It looks like the perfect game for this Halloween season, though sadly I’ve not been able to dig up too much information on it.

From the Board Game Geek site:

“Escape the Horror House where 45 of the worlds monsters wait to terrify you!

Battle with the monsters: If you win the demons scream; when you lose the monsters bellow a wicked laugh.

A game for two to four players…never play alone.


Deathhead roulette (electronic: requires 1 C cell battery)
39 monster cards
6 king of demon cards
1 guardian spirit card
4 pass cards
11 king demon chips
1 sword
4 tokens (men)
1 instructions

Play consists of moving around the house fighting monsters
by inserting the sword into holes in the electronic death head to determine the outcome (screams, laughter or the clashing of swords determines the winner) ie: electronic dice rolling and outcome.”

A big thanks to Ant Parker and G. Hooke for sharing the photos of the game up top!


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12 thoughts on “Horror House: The Board Game

  1. This is pretty cool. And I have a request! I had a three level haunted house game that was made out of cardboard pieces – it came out in the 80s. I THOUGHT it was a Scooby Doo game. But there is a 3D Scooby Doo game that I see on Ebay which is not the game.

    This game had a rotating floor that the pieces could fall through, a bunch of trap doors. It was totally cool.


  2. Holy crap – 45 monsters? You’ll never make it out alive!

    You know, I too had an awesome haunted house game that had several levels, trap doors, rotating floors. I swear it was a Scooby Doo game, but the ones I see on Ebay are not that game. But I can vividly remember it.

  3. God I love this game…

    I got this game in the ’80s and still have it more or less mint. It is a fantastic game, and fairly creepy considering it;s for kids: there are pentagrams, satanic references, blood, ETC.

    One of my all time faves, & it can be played alone too (& always recommended playing with a horror movie CD on in the background…)

    The main green skull is cool: you activate it in a battle and if it screams, you win, but if it laughs, you lose – only gripe is that it nearly ALWAYS screams!!

    There are two types of screams and laughs/cackles…

    It really should laugh more, because the laugh is absolutely terrifying!!

    The main problem I had with it was sadly the pieces in my game was different to what was on the main box – instead of the main playing pieces being cool looking priests with crosses, they just had the viking pieces from Ation GT’s other game, Crossbows And Catapults!

    That, and the fact that the skull in my box was RED (though red IS more appropriate).

    I ended up painting my skull green to match the box, and recently got some of the playing pieces from a twilight creations game (people screaming) for the playing pieces.

    I HAVE seen RARE cases of some of these games on Ebay with the PROPER pieces/colours, but these are very hard to get and cost a lot.

    When I get time, I may put a pic on here of my version and show the differences to the game I own and what SHOULD have been in the box!!

  4. (BTW, the cover art to my version – the UK version – is different, and in my opinion, a LOT better. Shall try to put pic on soon – if not, you can always google it…)

  5. Jordan says:

    Hi guys, i am too a fan of the game Horror House. My brother and i used to play it as kids. It was the best game ever. I have been looking for the game for years and lucky enough i just bought the game on ebay via uk website. There is another one on there, but not quite as good condition, well they only display the box. But all the same it is available. Check it out and buy ASAP as i am sure it will not be up for long. All the best.

  6. jason says:

    Hi guys, i have a copy of this game in pretty good condition, only thing missing is 1 demon chip which im going to try to replace with a copy, does anyone know roughly how much the game is worth? As i might be willing to sell it.

  7. Titania says:

    I ADORED this game! Used to play in in the 80’s with a neighbour. We both loved it. The green head used ot scream, lol. We played it all the time. One of my fave games – we were so upset when the green scream head broke :*( Not sure if it wa sthe UK version, I live in Australia.

    Hope to find another copy of it. And also the first Atmosfear (Hope there’s a copy with a DVD now!)

    Fangs SO much for the retro memories!

  8. Layla says:

    I really want this game again I loved it as a kid and I know my son would be amazed at this he loves monsters and demons lol

  9. Jon Meyer says:

    Also looking for a copy, i had it as a child and it was stolen, would love to get my hands on it again

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