Horror House: The Board Game

Found this neat looking Horror game released by Bandai over on Board Game Geek! It looks like the perfect game for this Halloween season, though sadly I’ve not been able to dig up too much information on it.

From the Board Game Geek site:

“Escape the Horror House where 45 of the worlds monsters wait to terrify you!

Battle with the monsters: If you win the demons scream; when you lose the monsters bellow a wicked laugh.

A game for two to four players…never play alone.


Deathhead roulette (electronic: requires 1 C cell battery)
39 monster cards
6 king of demon cards
1 guardian spirit card
4 pass cards
11 king demon chips
1 sword
4 tokens (men)
1 instructions

Play consists of moving around the house fighting monsters
by inserting the sword into holes in the electronic death head to determine the outcome (screams, laughter or the clashing of swords determines the winner) ie: electronic dice rolling and outcome.”

A big thanks to Ant Parker and G. Hooke for sharing the photos of the game up top!


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