Castlevania Monster Videogame Madness

Being a video game buff (as opposed to a movie buff), at this time of year I like to play horror based games. This year I feel it is time to play through some of Konami’s Castlevania series. One thing that has always struck me about all the Castlevania games is the atmosphere the game devs put into the game. Which is helped, in no small part, by each game’s soundtrack.
In Sony’s PS3 offering there are easter eggs littered throughout this beautifully envisioned game by the talented people over at MercurySteam (Clive Barker’s Jericho – another great horror game) and under the direction of Kojima Productions (Metal Gear series). My favorite Easter Egg from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (and, in fact, song from the games) is Vampire Killer, which is played on a music box, inside which, one of the levels takes place (yes I said “inside”).

to get some perspective on the song and to hear some of its many iterations the youtuber – Evilluki has put together this handy little medley (or if you are feeling a little 80’s action flick, Montage)
For those interested
The games I will be playing this Holiday are:
Castlevania – NES
Castlevania: The Adventure – Gameboy
‘Super’ Castlevania IV – SNES
Castlevania: Lords of shadow – PS3
Lego By skinny Coder, you should check out some of their other awesome creations by following this picture's linkLego By skinny Coder, you should check out some of their other awesome creations by clicking your interface device within the image’s constraints.


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