Wreck-It Ralph coming November 2012

So just found this out after reading my lastest issue of Retro Gamer Magazine. Turns out that Disney are trying their hand at yet another of those “bad guy turns good guy” film. But this time giving it a gaming twist.

Wreck-It Ralph features a 8-bit video game bad guy determind to show the world he can be the good guy. After all the world loves the hero and hates the baddies. Seeing his chance in the latest FPS he makes the jump over to the new game in an attempt to win a medal. But the usual happens in these kinds of movies and everything goes wrong and threates the gaming world if a massive ‘Game Over’ for the industry. with the help of a trouble causing glitch from another game can he save the day…..

Yeah I think I know how this is going to end.

The film is scheduled for release in November 2012. So expect the Disney advertising and hype machine to kick into life anytime soon. To be honest I am not holding much hope for this title, but then again I felt this way about WALL-E and ended up loving it.



I grew up in the magical 8-bit era of computers and consoles. I saw the games crash and saw the recovery from it with the NES. I will always have my trusty C64 in my office and when the need arises I will pop a tape in the Datasette and play some classic games.

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