Who’s the Best “Evil” Clown? You Choose!

This is retro Halloween costume contest week! Each day I’ll feature five retro images from a particular costume category. You get to Comment on which costume you think epitomizes that category!

Today’s category? “Evil” clowns. Which image do you think best represents this category?

(Prefer “good” clowns? Check out yesterday’s post.)

Image #1 – from joelgllespie1957
Mike and Bobby, Halloween, 1956

Image #2 – from WoodysWorldTV

Image #3 – from valjean56
Doug & Val Halloween 1966

Image #4 – from Wallyum

Image #5 – from trickyvickylynn


Don’t look at the dogs, work the lock! You looked at the dogs!

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2 thoughts on “Who’s the Best “Evil” Clown? You Choose!

  1. Badwolf says:

    Number 1 – Twin clowns which aren’t clowns at all but classroom dunces with Halloween pajamas on. The Tiger Mask vs. The Goofy Mask. Who will win? Batteries sold separately.

    Number 2 – Man with union suit, plastic clown mask, white scarf, and butt padding. This is not a clown, this is serial killer. He gets my vote.

    Number 3 – Not evil, just a confused afterthought.

    Number 4 – Here’s a kid who is not evil, just mad as hell. He WANTED to be the Lone Ranger for Halloween, but Mom said, “Use your sister’s clown costume from last year, if you want that Lionel Train for Christmas.”

    Number 5 is the computer hacker “Anonymous,” disguised as a youngster, back in the day, after time traveling with The Doctor.

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