Airplane! on Blu-Ray

It was by random chance that I actually found this on (US Amazon also have this in stock but it is a region free Blu-Ray). I was browsing for something completely different when suddenly this appeared as one of my recomendations.

Amazon knows me too well…..

Having lost my initial DVD release, think it was a sacrifice to the moving home gods, I instantly stabbed at the the big “BUY ME NOW!” button. And I was to be dissapointed as Paramount have done an excelent job of renwing the film in glorious 1080p and cleaned the sound quality.

The package contains the film and bonus content seen in the DVD release. However they have made access to some of the features better compared to the DVD release. The only niggle I have with this version is that some of the extra contaent only appears when watching the film. Otherwise everything else is amazing.

Airplane has to be in my top 10 of comedy greats. The salpstick nature of the comedy, coupled with some great dialogue, make it a great film to just sit and watch at any time.

If you have never watched this film then now would be the time to grab it.



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