Vintage Halloween Hulk Costume

Chris Schieger, a fellow member of the Oklahoma Action Figure Collectors group on Facebook, recently posted a picture and shared the following story:

“I found my Hulk costume at my Mom’s from when I was about 6. I loved this thing! I slept in it for about a month after Halloween. She wouldn’t let me wear it to school and I remember being so mad I put it on under my clothes and stripped down and wore it anyway! [My] teacher called my mom and I never saw it again until this past weekend! And yes, I tried it on and no it didn’t fit.”

Here’s a picture of Chris’ costume.


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3 thoughts on “Vintage Halloween Hulk Costume

  1. I had a friend who had the Hulk costume as well back in the day. Sam one in the pic and well after Halloween he would show up to play wearing the costume, eventually it was just the mask. We all thought it was bit odd, but also really thought that mask was awesome.

  2. I was a little confused by the packaging. I mean, which one is the Hulk, and which one is a kid in a costume? I finally figured out which one is which … I think.

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