A Chairful Of Mego Figures (and Friends)

Finding this pic was a very nice surprise.
Completely forgotten how one fine day, some of my favorite figures were lined up on our regal living room chair and preserved photographically.

mego chair

I loved my action dollies. Especially those of Universal monsters. Had seen the live creatures scaring up the pages of Famous Monsters for years and, once I spotted these these frightful fiends in stores (manufactured by Azrak-Hamway Incorporated), I had to have ’em.

Sure, the super-hero Megos could handle any trouble, but the classic creatures could really mess up their day.

My Bobby Orr hockey player figure really tried to fit in, disguised here as WKRP’s Herb Tarlek Jr. (the outfit is from Bobby’s own additional clothing packs).
The pants are torn, probably from some other stiff-legged figure trying to go undercover (or get a date with Bailey Quarters – sadly never an action figure)

All are Mego unless mentioned:
(from top left)

-Super Monsters (AHI) Werewolf
-Super Monsters (AHI) Dracula

-Human Werewolf (with glow-in-the-dark claws)

-The Penguin

-Planet Of The Apes Soldier
-Super Monsters (AHI) Frankenstein
-Bobby Orr (Regal Toy)

and yeah, that’s a Philadelphia Flyers patch up there.
Despite being a Habs fan in the day, those Bruins and Flyers gave killer matches.
Or maybe I was just teasing my sole hockey player figure.

A chairful of fun, I tell ya.

Atari Adventure Square

Some days you wake up with your trusty sword right next to you.

Other days the keys are locked in the castle.

But the next day is just a reset switch away.

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