Scariest Places on Earth

Scariest Places on Earth

During the Halloween season of 2000, Fox Family (now ABC Family) aired a series called Scariest Places On Earth. Hosted by The Exorcist‘s Linda Blair and narrated by Poltergeist‘s Zelda Rubenstein, Scariest Places was basically a rip-off of The Blair Witch Project which had been so successful the year before. Each hour-long episode featured visits to supposedly-haunted places. These visits were heavily edited to imply that some sort of supernatural terror had happened during filming. If I remember correctly, the show aired every night for a week, and I watched them all. My favorite segments were the Jersey Devil (which I’ve always had a weird, inexplicable affinity for) and Paris Catacomb bits.

Scariest Places would return every Halloween for years afterward, but it sadly morphed into some sort of reality show in which families investigated “haunted” spots. I couldn’t stand that version of it, but I loved the original. Sadly, it is very hard to find. There is no DVD available and the only VHS version is just one hour of not-so-stellar segments.

Since I liked the show so much, I bought the VHS. Sometimes you have to take what you can get. I’m always hopeful, though, that the original will be returned to the Halloween schedule, and I always check ABC Family for it every year.

P.S. The Jersey Devil Hunters give a point-by-point account of what really happened on the night Fox filmed them and how Fox edited it to seem like something it wasn’t. You can find that account here.


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