Eerie Series Ghosts

Eerie Series Ghosts

After rediscovering Seymour Simon’s Space Monsters book, I wanted to track down the rest of the Eerie Series. That lead me to this one:

The simply named Ghosts is a very different book from Space Monsters. While Space Monsters focused on creatures from movies and TV shows, Ghosts focuses on specters from folklore. Simon records a lot of standard tales about haunted houses and ships and graveyards. One of the best stories is about the Nameless Horror of Berkeley Square, a Lovecraftian ghost that crawled out of the sewers in London to literally scare people to death. There are also poltergeists, ghost dogs, and various other apparitions in the book. There is even a photo of one such apparition, the Brown Lady of Rayhnam Hall.

And there are more pictures in the book than that. In addition to a few other photos and wood carvings, there are also several pieces of original artwork by Stephen Gammell, such as this one:

If the style looks familiar, it should. Gammell was also the artist of the Scary Stories series.

I honestly don’t remember if I read this book as a kid. There is nothing specific about it that I can remember as there was with Space Monsters. But it is a possibility. It is certainly the kind of thing I liked to read back then. And though it’s a little below my current reading level, it’s still the kind of thing I like to read today.


Doug is a child of the 80s who was raised in Ohio and is now living the life of oblivion in the bay area of California.

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  1. Doug, that is awesome. You and Flack both make me want to take up a second job so I can afford to hunt these books and toys on E*Bay!

    I’m a huge fan of Stephen Gammel by the way…I spent many hours reading the Scary Stories series of books and those illustrations just ramped the creep out factor by about 100%! :)

  2. Thanks Vic, you can be sure that if I bought it, it didn’t cost much. This one was around 75 cents. And Stephen Gammel is awesome. Did he ever illustrate any non-children’s books? If so, I bet they’ll blow your eyes out.

  3. The only thing I can find of his work is attached to children’s books, Doug. It says that the Scary Stories series still top young adult lists for desired reading. It also, and I’m just speaking for myself here, top the lists for a 40 year old’s desired reading! ;)

  4. Ditto here. I have the collected volume, all three books in one. I will be breaking it out before Oct 31.

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