Kristen Lawrence Halloween Music

Can we all agree that there just isn’t enough Halloween music out there? I mean, we have tons of Christmas carols, but very few Halloween Hymns. Fortunately, Kristen Lawrence is working to rectify this imbalance. I had remembered a song my elementary school class had sung in Music. It was called The Ghost of John. That led me to this video from Kristen:

That video in turn led me to Kristen’s website where you can hear a lot more of her music. I think she has a good understanding of Halloween and has created a perfect Halloween sound. Just listening to her do the hooks is eerie. You can get The Ghost of John and several others for free on her site, and you can get Kristen’s albums on iTunes.

In a related note, there was another song we sang in that Music class: There Was An Old Woman All Skin And Bones. This is the best video of it I could find.


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