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Occasionally while surfing the web, I come across something I wish I hadn’t read. This happened to me today when I discovered that Bill Kunkel – The Game Doctor passed away in early September. Bill was one of the founders of Electronic Games Magazine – and his Game Doctor column earned him the moniker that he used long after the magazine ceased publication. Last year, I got around to picking up his autobiography “Confessions of the Game Doctor.” It was a fascinating look into the early days of gaming and game related publishing. I enjoyed it and dropped him an e-mail telling him so. To my delight, he responded and indicated we might have a chance to meet at the 2010 Classic Gaming Expo. I attended, but never ran into him – which was disappointing because I was hoping to have him autograph my book. I’m sorry I never had a chance to meet Mr. Kunkel, but I’m very grateful for all the hours of enjoyment and enlightenment he provided.  Confessions of the Game Doctor is available from Rolenta Press.


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