Crestwood Movie Monster Series

Crestwood Movie Monster Series

I’ve whined before about the difficulty I had as a kid finding classic sci-fi and horror movies. In the pre-income, pre-internet days, if you didn’t catch these movies on TV when they were being shown, you didn’t catch them. This meant I had a huge backlog of movies I was desperate to see. Making this a little more tolerable (and the backlog a whole lot larger) was the Crestwood Movie Monster Series.

I found the Crestwood Movie Monster Series in my local library. For a long while, I didn’t make a trip to the library without taking one of these books home. They covered all the classics: Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolfman, Creature From the Black Lagoon, and dozens of others. I think some gave a general overview of several movies, but the one I have today, The Bride of Frankenstein, gave a play-by-play of the movie. It was through books like this that I “saw” these movies when I couldn’t see them otherwise. This made them, like The Eerie Series, indispensable to the young and VCR-less.

There is a side-note to the Crestwood Movie Monster series, one that is very special to me. I had read the Bride of Frankenstein volume and had come to understand that this was perhaps the premier Universal horror movie, the greatest horror movie of all time. I wanted to see it very, very badly, but didn’t think I ever would. And then some Saturday when I was seven, a friend invited me to an activity at his church. He didn’t tell me what that activity was. He may not even have known himself. But I went. We had lunch there, played a few games, and then one of the leaders pulled out a movie screen. They then proceeded to show, complete and uncut, The Bride of Frankenstein from a 16mm projector. The Bride of Frankenstein! What I so badly wanted to see! At a church function! Who could have guessed? But they did it. I’ve always been thankful for that, and for some reason I’ve always felt that the Crestwood Movie Monster series was a part of that.


Doug is a child of the 80s who was raised in Ohio and is now living the life of oblivion in the bay area of California.

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  1. I remember my aunt buying a trove of these at a yard sale once. I must have read each one dozens of times.

  2. Doug, I’ve said this before on one of your other posts but the Crestwood Books were so popular at my Elementary School Library they simply were not allowed to be checked out by the students. For the most part this is where I too gained my information about the classic monster movies…though sadly I’ve never seen this Bride of Frankenstein book!

    Need to search E*Bay I reckon. :)

  3. These were really popular in my elementary school as well. I recall them being in the book rack at the back of the classroom and when we had the ability to pick from those books, they went like quick.

  4. Someone had a few of these up on Flickr a couple years ago but they don’t seem to be there anymore. I know I grabbed a few of them but don’t remember which ones (at work right now)
    I’ll see if I can dig them out and put them up on my blog during the Countdown to Halloween.

  5. I have the Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Deadly Mantis =)

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