Frankenstein Pozers Doll

Frankenstein Pozers Doll

Typically I spend the first weekend of every October pulling out all my old Halloween decorations, and one of the first ones that always comes out is this 2′ tall Frankenstein “doll” from Pozers.


I’m pretty sure I paid around ten bucks for this guy at a close-out sale a few years ago, which according to current eBay prices, was a pretty good deal. Currently, loose Pozers dolls are selling for $99, while boxed ones are fetching twice that amount. I certainly don’t regret opening mine — for about a year, my daughter slept with Frankenstein in her bed. That is, until the night we woke up and found Frankenstein trying to throw my daughter into the river!

Bad Frankie! Bad!

Rob O'Hara

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  1. I am sure it was just a misunderstanding, Frankie is a good guy deep down inside.

  2. Not this one. He got his brain from Abby Normal.

  3. Oh, look in the back, is there a switch that is set to “Evil”?

  4. I think it’s pronounced “Fronkensteen”. Great photo and even greater purchase, Flack!

  5. @The Retroist: You were right. The switch says “Evil” and “Eviler”.

  6. It is not from a company called Pozers. It is from Sideshow collectibles.

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