Complete Captain Power Series Finally Comes To DVD On Dec. 6th!

It’s been over 20 years…but finally fans of Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future can let out a cheer as it has just been announced through a press release that the cult Sci-Fi TV series is finally getting a complete 4 disc DVD collection release on December 6th, 2011.

Thanks to the hard work from the show’s creator Gary Goddard and DVD Producer Roger Lay Jr., who had to track down the original tape masters in vaults from Canada to New Jersey to California, the DVD set will feature all 22 episodes of the first season plus:

“The Captain Power And The Soldiers Of The Future 4-DVD set will include:
• Out Of The Ashes: The Making Of Captain Power
• Cast and Crew Commentary featuring creator Gary Goddard and stars Tim
Dunigan & Jessica Steen.
• Captain Power Season 2: Declassified – a featurette about the show’s
unproduced second season.
• Captain Power: The Legend Begins – a feature-length TV movie, never before
aired in the US!
• Character concept art”

For those that weren’t lucky enough to see Captain Power in its original run the show was “Set in the year 2147, the show follows the struggle of an elite group of humans lead by Jonathan Power, armored in specialized bio-suits, they are mankind’s last defense against the onslaught of the mechanized Bio-Dread warriors and the evil Lord Dread!”

As the press release mentions: “The show’s creator, Gary Goddard, originally pitched Captain Power to toy company Mattel to see if they would be interested in making toys based on the show. At the time, Mattel was looking to develop interactive technology for toys and action figures, so when Goddard presented them with the high tech futuristic concept for Captain Power, the toy company realized it would be the perfect fit.

Beyond all the tech-stuff, Captain Power was a fully realized human drama that dealt with a broad range of complex human relationships. If only for the writing alone, the show was unlike anything else for kids and adults on television before, or since.”

The TV series was rumored to cost nearly a Million dollars an episode but it was the very storyline it has since been praised for from writers of the show like J. Michael Straczynski that caused an outrage from parent’s groups in the 1980s and sadly led to the show’s cancellation when one of the heroes of the show perished.

Another person of import to the series was Marc Scott Zicree, who besides writing the incredible “Twilight Zone Companion”, was a writer on the new Twilight Zone, Pole Position, Smurfs, and The Real Ghostbusters among many other animated series.

If you are a big fan of the series like I am you might want to jump over on their Facebook Fan Page: Thanks to the Facebook page for the awesome photos you see up above.

So make sure you set some viewing time aside come Decemeber 6th and in the words of Captain Power himself, “Power On!”.

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