Halloween Vinyl Stormtrooper Costume

Although I’m new to the staff here, I’ve been following The Retroist long enough to know that October is officially Halloween Month! (Either that, or this place really needs a cleaning — what’s with all the spiderwebs and burning candles around here?) My goal is to share lots of retro Halloween amd Horror-related things with you guys this month. Ready? Let’s get started!

I’m not sure if they even sell vinyl costumes such as these any more. If they do, I’m sure they’re not made from the same fire-friendly material as they were back then. With smoking so prevalent in the 1970s and 1980s, it’s amazing none of us went up in flames on any given Halloween.


This photo was taken on Halloween of (I think) 1979. I’m the Stormtrooper in the middle. Counterclockwise from me, that’s my buddy Andy as Fred Flinstone, his younger brother Matt as Bugs Bunny, our neighbor Robert as Popeye, and my sister Linda as a witch.

The thing I remember most about that costume was the gun. It was originally a red and blue Laser Rescue Team rifle that my mom spray painted black for me. After that it was very black, and very sticky.


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