Halloween Horror Nights 2006 Map

Halloween Horror Nights 2006 Map

Thanks to frequent visitor to the Retroist, Patrick J. Doody, for this awesome scan of the 2006 Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood Map/Brochure. Make sure to take a moment to click on the pics, they will link you to the original scans in a much larger format. I like the warnings for those planning on attending the event as well as the restaurants you could visit, like Mel’s Diner and the Flintstone’s “Beastly BBQ Pit”!



It looks like the Icon for HHNH 2006 was the Director, a filmmaker that…created movies so disturbing and grotesque that he was chased out of his own country. Now the stories differ slightly from HHN Orlando and Hollywood. From the Horror Nights Wiki: “Paulo was hired by Universal Studios Hollywood to create their ultimate horror movie of all time. Before they allowed production to begin, Universal requested that Paulo submit a short film detailing his project to preview it for executives. However, when Universal viewed the graphic short film which contained real torture and death, they claimed Paulo’s sick vision was too graphic for movie audiences. They then had the project cancelled for good, and banned Paulo from ever stepping foot into Universal Studios again. But Paulo did in fact, take up residence in an abandoned backlot set at the park, vowing to get revenge on Universal. Aware that Paulo was hiding on the backlot, Universal still allowed their annual Halloween event to run in 2006, but warned visitors that real horror would be created by Paulo.

The Director appeared at the event in Terror Tram: Director’s Cut.

I have a feeling that getting the Director and our own Projectionist together to discuss films…would be a very bad thing for all of us!

Thanks to Tobatto2287 over on YouTube for uploading this light show featuring the Director and many, many classic horror movies. It’s the perfect video to not only demonstrate just how much effort goes into the Horror Night events but to get your juices flowing to watch some of these films again!


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  1. Also good to note that this was the last year before they started using licensed characters for the mazes at the Hollywood version. 2007 would bring us Freddie, Jason and Leatherface.

  2. I have been trying to figure out if I should make a future date to go to HHN. I am starting to think it might be a rough/frightening experience.

  3. If I attend this year, which I am planning on, it will make my fifth year at the Hollywood one. I went to the Orlando one in 1997.

    I never get bored of going. It is best to go with as many friends as you can because half the fun is being with a group while being scared.

    However, if you don’t like Chainsaw Wielding psychos in pig masks, maybe sit it out. I, for some reason, really enjoy it.

  4. Much like the main character in a Lovecraft story, I tend to be intrigued by things like this, but have the constitution of an 8 year old and will collapse into hopeless madness at the first sign of trouble, real or otherwise.

  5. Does someone have an extra one of these? I really need to find this one as well as the 07 Hollywood map! Im a HHN collector

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