Kooky Spooks Halloween Costumes

I was watching Once Bitten, a vampire movie with Jim Carrey and Lauren Hutton, just a few nights ago. In the obligatory Halloween-party-dance scene, I spied this:

See the guy with the black thing on his head?

That’s a Halloween costume, one of a brand that I just barely remembered. After a quick search, I discoved that these costumes were called Kooky Spooks and that they had come out around 1979. This brand of costume was distinguished by it bulbous, bug-eyed, on-top-of-the-cranium style, a really unique look that was shared by all the different versions (there was this black one, a green one, and a few others). They don’t just look neat but they seem like the feel neat. That’s right. Feel neat. They seem to have a texture, don’t they? They seem like something you could pick up and manipulate. More than that, they seem to actually transform the person wearing them a lot more than an average costume does. After all, they change not just the person’s appearance but a person’s shape, making them taller and wider and rounder. That is out of the ballpark as far as costumes goes, way beyond what you’re going to get from your average Ben Cooper costume. At the same time, they didn’t seem to mask a person’s identify very well. Each of the Kooky Spooks was supposed to be something (a caterpiller, a witch, a demon, a pumpkin, etc), but it wasn’t easy to tell what that something was. If you saw a person wearing a Kooky Spook, you wouldn’t say, “Oh, you’re a witch,” as much as you would say, “Oh, you’ve got something on your head.” Even if a person painted their face with the accompanying make-up, they still didn’t seem to be the character as much as they seemed to be wearing the character.

Unfortunately, Kooky Spooks are not abundantly found on the Net. All I could turn up was a few pics from other people’s blogs. I got this one from Topless Robot:

and this one from Retro and Beyond Vintage.

That wasn’t enough to satisfy my nostalgic need to see Kooky Spooks. I really needed a YouTube TV commercial to do that. But it was enough to get me wondering what Kooky Spooks might be coming up to my door this Halloween.


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