File Under Horrible’s 1980’s Music Podcast – Top 5 Horrible Songs Of The 1980s

The Retroist Podcast will be back next week, but if you want a 1980s fix in the meantime, why not check out File Under Horrible’s 1980’s Music Podcast “Top 5 Horrible Songs Of The 1980s”. The show is a little more adult oriented than the Retroist Show, so maybe listen to it before sharing with da kids. Here is the show summary from the File Under Horrible website:

Jim and Bill once again board their podcast time machine and set the destination to the 1980?s! The 80?s were a decade of big hair, loud colors, and some extremely horrible music. This is sure to be an extremely polarizing episode as the guys rip apart some of your favorite songs. Do you agree with their choices or are you now questioning their tastes even more than you did before? Ten songs, a lifetime of torture. All on this very special edition of FUHcast!

Listen to and Download File Under Horrible’s “Top 5 Horrible Songs Of The 1980s”


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