Warhammer Monty Python Holy Grail Miniatures

I’ve never actually played Warhammer, but from what I understand it’s a lot like Dungeons and Dragons except players use actual miniatures on table-top landscapes to represent their armies and movements. While I’m sure the game itself is fun, players spend hours upon hours buying, painting, and customizing their miniature armies.

Recently I saw a link to a couple of pictures that made my heart warm, my jaw drop and my eyes pop out all at the same time! Warhammer player Aaron Chapman created his own set of Monty Python and the Holy Grail miniatures for Warhammer. I don’t have much more information than the pictures Aaron posted, but this is one case where the pictures really do speak for themselves.

Here is The Black Knight …


… the Knights Who Say “Ni” …


.. and the brave, brave Sir Robin (along with the Three-Headed Giant).


More pictures of Aaron’s Monty Python miniatures, along with several of his other creations, can be found by clicking “Links” on Aaron’s website.

Now go, and bring me … a shrubbery.

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