Dragon’s Lair Cartoon Coming Soon to DVD!

“Ooh, save me!”

According to a post on TVShowsonDVD.com, Dragon’s Lair, the Saturday morning cartoon series based on the laserdisc video game of the same name, is coming to DVD “very soon.”

The show (which only ran for 13 episodes) featured all the characters from the video game including Dirk the Daring, Princess Daphne, the Giddy Goons, and Singe the Dragon. The show will be a Time Warner “manufacture on demand” release that spans two DVDs. No official release date has been announced yet, but before Christmas seems like a pretty good bet.


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3 thoughts on “Dragon’s Lair Cartoon Coming Soon to DVD!

  1. Me too, Mike. I have a couple of bad bootlegs of one or two episodes, but have never seen the entire run. Trust me, I’ve been waiting on this one for years!

  2. Looks like it’s available now!


    Yeah…I’m sorry but when anyone buys this…maybe they should write a review to offset this one:

    “Wow. What a disappointment. I thought this was going to be the Don Bluth video game animation, but it’s only “based” on the Bluth masterpiece. In the 80’s Don Bluth (who left Disney to make “The Secret of NIMH”) did the animation for a story-telling arcade game called “Dragon’s Lair.” It was fun and beautifully drawn. Only the truly skillful could win the game by slaying the dragon, thereby seeing the entire story. I was hoping that someone had pieced together the segments of the game to produce the complete animated classic, but unfortunately this is just some lame attempt at copying the characters and style of the original. What you have here is jerky and static–typical 70’s and 80’s Saturday morning cartoon stuff. Don’t waste your money.”

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