Fighting Fantasy Books On Kindle

Fighting Fantasy Books On Kindle

I’ve been tracking down a lot of the books I had/read when I was a kid. I already wrote this post about one such, and this post about another, and I have a few more to come. As I was tracking down these books, I came across the Fighting Fantasy series.

I had read/played several of these in the pre-NES days. I liked them back then because they were similar to Dungeons and Dragons, something I always wanted to play but never got a chance to. I decided to get a few today just to have. I didn’t think I’d actually play them. Keeping the character sheet and rolling the dice would be too much bother.

And then I noticed that Steve Jackson was one of the authors of these books. I knew Steve Jackson from GURPS and decided to look him up on Wikipedia. As it turns out, the Steve Jackson who wrote these books was mostly not the Steve Jackson of GURPS, though on three occasions he was. Yeah, it’s that confusing. So one Steve Jackson led to another who in turn lead to the Fighting Fantasy article. At the bottom of this article I came across something very interesting. The first Fighting Fantasy book, The Warlock on Firetop Mountain was on Kindle.

I was both interested and not interested in this. Interested because I love my Kindle. Not interested because I didn’t like the idea of having to use pencil, paper, and dice while using my Kindle. But I looked the book up in the Kindle store anyway. There I found out that the book was not only a reasonable $3.99, but that it did all the work for me. The adventure sheet, map, and dice would all be managed by the Kindle. All I would have to do is make decisions and keep reading.

So I bought it, I tried it, and I loved it. I loved it even more than I loved it back then. When I say that the book does all the work, I mean the book does all the work. You can check the map and the adventure sheet with ease. The combat plays nicely. When it is time for a decision, you simply tell the Kindle what to do and it takes you to the right page. It even has illustrations.

I wouldn’t have played a Fighting Fantasy book on paper again. I might have bought a paper copy (and still might), but I wouldn’t have played it on paper. But I am playing it on Kindle and thoroughly enjoying it. If you were a Fighting Fantasy fan back in the day, or a fan of anything like it, I highly recommend checking it out.

P.S. The Wikipedia article only mentioned The Warlock on Firetop Mountain, so that’s the one I bought. After I bought it, I discovered that Deathtrap Dungeon and Citadel of Chaos have also been added. A Lone Wolf adventure (another I played back in the day) is on there as well.


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  1. I have a feeling that my Nook is not going to work for this. :(

  2. Awesome! My best friend and I were obsessed with the Lone Wolf books as kids.

  3. Just checked, and Choose Your Own Adventure books are on Kindle as well.

  4. Great use of digi-tech to bring these great books back to life.

    Had Citadel Of Chaos (probably still do somewhere). It’ll be fun to revisit without handling dice and paper.

  5. What an awesome find! I had a pretty good collection of CYOA books as a kid, along with two or three D&D-themed ones and several of the Twistaplot books. I don’t specifically remember parting with all those books and I sure wish I still had them today.

  6. I didn’t know there was an ebook version. Too bad it’s on Kindle (I have a Kobo). However, there’s another possibility: they’re also coming out on the PSP. IIRC, the first one to come out is Citadel of Chaos. One of my friends bought the PSP version (it’s really an interactive book, not an actual video game) and he really liked it.

  7. I have a couple of these on my iPad. They work really well too. Have dice and everything on it.

  8. This is the first thing that has ever made me want to get a Kindle.

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