Nothing says, “GOLD!!!” like a Vintage Gabby Hayes Cap

I noticed that in the more hip establishments in my town, people tend to be going with a very retro look. Hats, handlebar mustaches each one more spectacular than the last. I think this is all great, but I think the look that needs to be brought into a modern context is that of the grizzled gold miner or even the town drunk.

You will get lots of attention and will be the toast of the brewpub or grocery co-op if you master the look and what better way to start then by picking up a hat modeled after the most grizzled prospector type of ’em all, Gabby Hayes.

So practice your “I found gold” dance and pick up this Gabby Hayes hat from Hake’s.

Not familiar with Gabby?


Garry Vander Voort

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