The Muppet Show By Dave Perillo!

We’ve posted some works of art by the incredibly talented Dave Perillo on the site in the past. His truly “retro” children’s book style of illustration makes me want to obtain vast tomes of his artwork. Then…then he goes and creates this Muppet Show poster for Acme Archives Direct and I begin to weep because sadly the prints for this poster are completely sold out.

Make sure to follow Dave’s link up top to his own website, Montygog’s Art-O-Rama!, but prepare to spend some time looking through his wonderful work that covers everything from Doctor Who to some of our favorite arcade Icons like Pac-Man and Dig-Dug!

Hey, if you want to see just how big a fan Dave is of the Muppets just take a look at this awesome photo he submitted on his own blog, yep, he has his own Dave Muppet that was given to him by his wife one Christmas. I want my own Muppet…


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