She-Ra The Motion Picture Starring Leah Thompson

Lea Thompson turned her sights on portraying the princess of power She Ra in Wolfgang Petersen’s epic film “She Ra: Princess Of Power” following her role in George Lucas’ abysmal flop “Howard the Duck”. An unofficial sequel to Mario Bava’s seminal sword and sorcery film “Masters Of The Universe”, “She Ra” further develops the realm of Eternia with cutting edge special effects not available at the time of “Masters Of The Universe”. The film showcased many fine acting performances as well, from Sean Connery and Helen Mirren as the regal King and Queen of Eternia to Anthony Zerbe’s chilling, snakelike take on the villainous Hordak, leader of the Evil Horde. “She Ra” was a surprise critical and box office success due to Wolfgang Petersen’s deft handling of science fiction writer Andre Norton’s script. The character of She Ra appeared again in Guillermo Del Toro’s remake of “Masters Of The Universe” but was played this time by actress Malin Ackerman.

Note: We need a time machine because Leah Thompson would have been down. Read her tweet about this poster.

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