Rolling Thunder Trailer (1977)

This revenge flick from 1977 was my first introduction to the acting talents of Tommy Lee Jones and William Devane. I saw this at the 62 Drive-In with my Father…though on this movie I can’t remember what the second feature was…perhaps it was too intense and we had to go home. I can vividly remember my Father putting his hand over my eyes “SPOILER”when Major Charles Rane (Devane) is getting his hand shoved into the garbage disposal…which just made the scene all the worse because I could still hear what was going on and my mind was working overtime!

The only thing that could make this movie even better is if Powers Boothe had a role in it! So If you are in the mood this weekend for an entertaining revenge flick where it makes perfect sense for two soldiers to team up and just get all sorts of violent revenge on the bad guys, that came from the mind of Paul Schrader, the writer of Taxi Driver you can grab the DVD from Amazon.Com from the MGM Limited Collection!

Thanks to burnsluciano for the uploaded trailer on YouTube and to the Grindhouse Cinema Database for the awesome poster you see up top.


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