Airwolf: The Movie on DVD

A futuristic high action adventure about a billion dollar helicopter (named Airwolf) equipped with a twin-turbine drum rotor system capable of propelling it to 300 knots, plus 14 firepower options. When the helicopter is purloined by Libyan mercenaries, a project director of the CIA enlists the help of Vietnam veteran (Jan-Michael Vincent) and his father’s best friend in an attempt to recover it. The deadly mission takes them to the Middle East where they must battle the enemy to repossess the deadliest aerial weapon ever made!

If your a big Airwolf fan, you are going to want to pick this up. This is not the pilot for the series that you might already own if you bought the Season 1 set. Instead this was the TV movie that was released in the UK as Airwolf: The Movie. It has a different pacing, different scenes and a more adult theme (still TV movie though). So do not be confused, for Airwolf fans, this is worth checking out. I watched it back to back with the Pilot so that I could see the differences and while they have some things in common, “The Movie” definitely feels more epic.

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2 thoughts on “Airwolf: The Movie on DVD

  1. When this was first released in the UK on VHS. It carried an 18 certificate! Which was a little confusing to me as this was a primetime action show for families.. Anyway not much to deserve the 18 cert except that Hawke drops the F-Bomb a few times & the way that Archangel lost his eye is depicted more graphically in this original cut.. If I remember rightly too.. Some of the shoot-outs were a bit more ‘bloody’ in this version.. I am going to have to get a copy for myself to remind me!

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