1986’s “The Dark Knight Rises”

Fred Dekker and Shane Black’s 3rd venture into the world of Batman was a debacle from the start. Leaked “spy reports” concerning soaring production costs, lengthy and often dangerous location shooting in Kowloon, China’s Walled City and critic’s early predictions that there was no possible way the film could match much less surpass 1983’s Oscar winning “The Dark Knight” led to poor box office sales compared to the two previous films. The advent of home video gave the film new life as an virtual cult classic and it is now accepted as part of the Dark Knight trilogy that includes Batman Begins (1980) and the aforementioned The Dark Knight.

Sean Hartter

Hartter wishes he was the love child of R. Crumb and Jack Kirby.

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4 thoughts on “1986’s “The Dark Knight Rises”

  1. YES!!! Fantastic work as always, Sean. May I say that the inclusion of Tim Thomerson, the often overlooked star of the Trancers films series as Jim Gordon is brilliant. Brilliant! :)

  2. Sean Hartter says:

    Thanks Vic, I tried digging deep into the heaps of useless info collected at the bottom of my skull for this poster. Believe it or not I actually think a lot about these casting choices, sometimes to the point I realize I’m staring at a blank section of wall and drooling.

  3. datedgamer says:

    Very good. Again great use of Tim Thomerson. I would have went with the wrestler George “The Animal” Steele as Bane. At 6 foot 1 and 250 pounds he could have pulled it off (plus he had the crazy eyes schtick down pat).

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