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TV Guide Pan Am AD

Vintage TV Guide Cover for Pan Am

I have mentioned my enthusiasm for the upcoming retro styled TV series, Pan Am. Now another reason to love this show, this retro style TV Guide cover that the folks from the series are running ran as a back cover ad in TV Guide. It really takes me back to […]

Police Story Season 1 on DVD

If you like the gritty cop shows of today, you can trace their origins back to one show that changed everything, Police Story. The show was wildly influential but for some reason never got a full home video release. I was very pleased when Shout! Factory announced they would be […]

8-bit Parkway drive – Romance is dead

Parkway Drive are pretty huge in the gen/tech/metal scene but if you are not into that kind of thing you have probably never heard of them so, today I present something that may sway you to the dark side of heavy guitar riffage. This video was posted on youtube by […]

Watch Hot Rods to Hell (1967) Online

Hot Rods to Hell is a 1967 suspense/thriller. It was originally intended for television, but released in theaters instead after its producers considered its action and exploitative style too intense for TV viewers. The film starred actor Dana Andrews and was original series Twilight Zone director John Brahm’s last film. […]

1986’s “The Dark Knight Rises”

Fred Dekker and Shane Black’s 3rd venture into the world of Batman was a debacle from the start. Leaked “spy reports” concerning soaring production costs, lengthy and often dangerous location shooting in Kowloon, China’s Walled City and critic’s early predictions that there was no possible way the film could match […]