It’s Almost That Time Of The Year…

Thanks to Badass Digest for the heads up on this rather moving commercial reminding us that, yes, these last few weeks have seen kids going back to school…but that we’re coming up on that very special time of year.

Remember that here at the Retroist on October 1st we go straight into Halloween mode 24/7…prepare yourself. You might also make a mental note that one doesn’t laugh at those of us who keep the Halloween Spirit year-round or at Sam…ever.


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10 thoughts on “It’s Almost That Time Of The Year…

  1. Yeah Vic! how dare you post a fun video inspired by a film that ABSOLUTELY captures the spirit of Retro Halloween movies! You also helped get everyone in the Halloween spirit…this is outrageous! I think everybody needs to lighten up with the hardliner Retro thing. This sight is supposed to be fun, there isn’t a Retro Standards Board. Relax!

  2. Trick or Treat is one of the most enjoyable horror films I’ve seen in ages, and instantly got added to my annual Halloween viewing list. It’s a crying shame that Hollywood puts out the dreck that it does, while this film never even got a theatrical release.

  3. The Truth says:

    This is a site about all things retro. The more off-topic we get, the more this site will become a general topics blog.

  4. I could not disagree more. This site is just as much about specific Retro subjects as it is about the spirit of Nostalgia. With the quality of the writers and the love they have for the subjects they cover this site will continue to bring the great content that it always has. There isn’t some kind of set Retro boundary that everyone has to be constantly careful not to step over. The moment that site takes on that type of rigid, strictly regulated standard, it will have lost the very sense of fun and community that makes it so great. Nobody is the sheriff of Retro. Just try to have fun with it!

  5. The Truth says:

    Sounds like you want it to be a general forum, like what we had on Compuserve and Prodigy. That’s retro.

  6. hmmm sounds like the point of everything i just wrote was missed. I hope if you stick around the site for a while you’ll start getting the idea of what the Retroist is really all about. There are some really great writers that really know nostalgia. I honestly don’t know how else to help you understand other than for you just to observe and have a positive attitude. Other than that it’s been nice talking to you!

  7. Sean Hartter says:

    “Trick R’ Treat” has become a yearly staple at our house since it came out a year after it was supposed to. That film oozes the nostalgic feelings I have for Halloween and even follows the format of great films of the past such as “Trilogy Of Terror”, “Creepshow” and the overlooked, under-rated “Nightmares” with Emilio Estevez. Looking forward to see what you guys have up your sleeves for October!!!

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