Adam Adamant Lives! (1966)

Sadly I can say that I’ve never heard of the BBC series Adam Adamant Lives! before I stumbled upon it last evening. I can say though that I now feel like my life has been poorer for not having the opportunity to watch an episode after doing a little research on it.

Thanks to Kraal77 for uploading the intro over on YouTube!

Adam Llewellyn De Vere Adamant (Gerald Harper) is a Victorian gentleman adventurer from 1902 who upon learning that his girlfriend, Louise, has been kidnapped finds himself caught in a trap by his arch-nemesis, The Face. The Face hides his identity behind a leather mask and speaks in a whispering voice. Adam Adamant finds that he is to be frozen alive in a block of ice but the Face consents to the adventurer’s last request, to see his Louise one more time. Sadly Adam then learns that Louise had never been kidnapped at all and had in fact been working for his arch-nemesis. Which I think we can all agree is rather, ahem, cold.

In 1966 as a building is being knocked down, Adam is discovered and revived. Emerging from a hospital the time-lost adventurer collapses on the streets of London where he is found and rescued by Georgina Jones (Juliet Harmer) who had in fact grown up on the tales of Adam Adamant and eventually becomes his friend and confidant. I found it interesting that Adam has no compunction of dispatching an enemy with his swordstick, this isn’t exactly what you might expect since three of the team on the series had key positions on Doctor Who.


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