Captain America (1990) on DVD

As I mentioned earlier this year, I was excited about the upcoming release of Captain America (1990) on DVD. Last week I finally got my copy and I am very happy I did. As I mentioned before, Captain America (1990) is a flawed film. It was beset by financial and creative problems, so the end result was not as it was originally intended to be.

With all the comic book movies out nowadays, this only makes the flaws in the film more interesting. How could a film with talent and potential be allowed to go in the direction it went? With the proper funding could the 1990s version of the film have had the success of the modern Captain America? All questions you will be asking yourself after watching the film.

We will never know the answer to that, but thankfully we can fully evaluate this piece of cinema history now that it has been released on DVD. If you count yourself a fan of comic book cinema or just of Captain America, pick up a copy of this Captain America 1990 today.


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6 thoughts on “Captain America (1990) on DVD

  1. vinvectrex says:

    I caught a snippet of this on TV a very long time ago and thought it looked unwatchable. But, I have to admit, the trailer is more enticing than I would’ve thought. Still low budget and cheesy – just not to the extent I expected.

  2. You know…I’m going to have to pick this up. I remember sitting with my group of friends eating pizza when this finally came out on DVD, it’s cheesy to be sure…but I think it’s heart was in the right place.

    I’d love to hear what Albert Pyun has to say about it all, is there commentary by chance?

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