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With the fairly new invention of the digital sampler in the late 80s, it was possible for musicians to record real world sounds (door slams, dogs barking) and replay them at any key, up and down the scale like a piano. Games like Bezerk used voice synthesizers to approximate speech, but samplers would record audio and play it back exactly.

In college, while working at a radio station, it was my job to review the incoming demo records from the various labels. The records that facinated me the most were the drum-heavy, sample laden tracks. There weren’t a lot of them, but when they came across in the mail, they got airplay. One band from the UK was called “colorbox” and in one of their songs, they used futuristic clips from a movie that made the song sound cool.

For one of my classes I took 2 VCRs and a bunch of sci-fi movies (blade runner, battlestar etc…), and tried to match the sounds to what I saw in my mind (spaceships flying, explosions) and attempted to make a quick-edit video using the song as a background. To be honest, I had no idea what movie it was from.

In the days before the internet, it was anyone’s guess on which movie samples were being used in certain songs. One day, after a trip to the video rental store, I picked up a movie called westworld. In the middle of the movie, there was dialog that made my ears perk up. I was listening to clips that I had heard 100x before. Unfortunately, the video I made for school no longer exists, but the colorbox song does. I know that there are other samples from other movies in this song, but I will leave that up to the listener to track them down.


I recommend listening to the song above before watching the trailer below. Be warned. In the trailer, there might be what are considered spoilers.



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