Spider-Man Webmaker Spins a Web of Lies

I vividly remember being in a store and my younger brother freaking out over this. He just had to have it. The image of the kids on the package convinced him that this would allow him to shoot real webbing like Spider-Man and give him the ability to swing from buildings.

We were with my grandmother and she bought him this and bought me a sparking ray gun. During the car ride back to my grandmother’s house he just kept what he would do once he had this open. When we got back to her house my brother opened the package and realized it was basically a science toy. I’ve never seen a greater look of disappointment since.

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8 thoughts on “Spider-Man Webmaker Spins a Web of Lies

  1. My Aunt took us to a store that was going out of business as a kid and we got to buy tons of cool toys like the Remco Spider-man and his Helicopter… but then we also got some really lame toys like this!

  2. I saved up an bought one of these at our local 5&10 and it was interesting as far toys go, but it was a massive disappointment from a web slinging point of view.

  3. I remember getting a playset featuring this Spider-Man Webmaker, it had what seems to be hundreds of the little plastic pieces you see pictured…but I bet it was more like 25 to 50. I played with and got the glue/webbing all over the place and then I remember it just disappeared from our house.

    Need to bring that up with my Father…

  4. ILuv70s says:

    wow…thanx soooo much for posting this…I friggin’ loved this as a kid…I would love to trap and in little bubbles of the web fluid…well played sir…:)

  5. I had this as well. I too, remember the great disappointment when all that came out of the tube was some gooey gunk. Far from web slinging.
    My final memory of this was getting in trouble by my mom for trying to sell it at our yard sale for 2 bucks.

  6. Deanna says:

    Now the toy guy just bought one for 200. It only cost 2.50 when I was a kid. Too bad I didn’t save it.

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