Kid Vists Mark Hamill On Dagobah Set!

Oh wow. Thanks to Quint over at Ain’t It Cool News for the heads up on this incredible find from Movies.Com and jambedavdar over on YouTube!

“It’s to promote The Empire Strikes Back and has a little 8 year old contest winning mega-Star Wars fan visiting Luke Skywalker and R2 in Dagobah.”


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6 thoughts on “Kid Vists Mark Hamill On Dagobah Set!

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Y’know Woody Allen’s Purple Rose Of Cairo? When the actors interact with the star-struck fan?
    Watching this gem of a video is like I was that kid visiting the set and had Luke and Artoo talking to me.
    To say nothing of the surprise awaiting the lucky lad once he found himself back on in the studio.

    It feels good to recall some of that ESB magic, surrounding its initial release.

  2. @Atari Adventure Square Quite right, friend. I remember the agonizing months it seemed to take for the movie to finally come out where as Return of the Jedi for some reason just completely slipped under my radar. I believe I first saw a trailer for the third/sixth Star Wars film just before watching Gandhi!

    By the way, I believe I’d be a little unnerved if a certain Wookie came from around the corner and decided to take a seat next to me as well. Ha, ha. :)

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Yeah, so true about live wookies, Vic.
    At least Chewie wasn’t armed…or wanting to play space chess.
    Also unnerving since the announcer’s main question was if he ate little boys!

    I think the unshaken kid understood wookies better than the adult.

    Now if that grandpa wookie had walked out, though.

  4. The Doc says:

    The only thing that could have been worse is if Bea Arthur or Art Carney would have appeared and started singing! (Star Wars Holiday special bad joke alert)

    I thought I had seen just about every piece of Star Wars media there was, and then out of the woods comes this piece. I love pieces like this. I recently saw a piece on YouTube where Mark, Harrison, and Carrie were doing some TV interview and they were all laughing so hard they could barely get through it.

    I am looking forward to the BluRay releases but I am hearing rumors that Rich Uncle Moneybags Lucas has made some more “changes” to our beloved classics.

  5. This is a clip from the very popular BBC 70’s & early 80’s show called Jim’ll Fix It. It starred elderly DJ Sir Jimmy Saville who would spend the entire show granting wishes for kids & adults all over the UK. Saville does wonderful work for charities in the UK but has gained a reputation for being very idiosyncratic! In a Louis Theroux documentary where he spent a week with Saville.. Saville got quite drunk & said that he used to get people beat up in the nightclubs that he used to run. Also carrying himself off as a Godfather for real! Very worrying!

    As for the edited new Star Wars blurays.. I have put together a little video commenting on this regarding the similarity of the new Krayt Dragon call by Obi Wan & the sound made by Mr Wint having a bomb tied to his nuts in Diamonds Are Forever.. I think they sound identical! You be the judge! :-)

  6. JF says:

    Wow, that kid!… I wouldn’t have been able to CONTAIN myself, but man, that kid is like cool as a cucumber. I wouldda been running around, hugging R2D2, squealing, million questions a minute, I woulda been a mess… “get this kid outta there”… but this kid wow. But his grin says it all I think.

    Also I feel a little creeped that Mark asked him where he lives, the town… maybe it’s just me.

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