Happy Labor Day from the Empire!

Labor Day is an American holiday, originally created to celebrate the efforts of the common laborer. And who represents the common laborer more than Stormtroopers?


This unbelievably incredible Lego diorama was created by Jay Hoff earlier this year for Science Discovery Day at Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa, Florida.


Jay’s diorama contained more than 30,000 pieces and 388 Star Wars Lego figures.


The shiny, smooth floors were created by using Legos turned on their side. Everything you see in the picture (except for the starfield in the background) are Legos. The starfield is actually painted cardboard.

More pictures of Jay’s diorama can be found on his MOCPage, dedicated to the build.

So thank you, working men and women of America, for all the hard work you do. And thank you, Stormtroopers, for your never-ending efforts in thwarting off insidious rebels. We salute you!


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