Primal Rage (1994)

Primal Rage (1994)

Back in my early adulthood I was fascinated by the fighting arcade hit, Mortal Kombat. I wasn’t any good at it mind you but I thought it was at least an interesting game. Then came Mortal Kombat II in 1993 and after playing my first game as Kung Lao I was hooked, and I can tell you that hook is still deep in me today.

There was another fighting game during that time, a year later actually that sunk it’s claws into me just as deeply. I played it for the first time at a gas station in my neck of the woods and with it’s stop motion characters it captivated me but like Mortal Kombat I never became very good at it. That was Atari’s Primal Rage.

Now when I say I became captivated by it…let me point out that I picked up the comic book series and even the Novel to the game by John Vornholt. I…I had a lot of time on my hands.

Primal Rage: The Avatars supposedly came about when Atari decided to cancel Primal Rage II and wanted to keep the interest in the property going. Do you remember the toys from the game?

Thanks as always to the Arcade Flyer Archive for the wonderful scanned Flyers and to track666 for uploading the toy commercial on YouTube.


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  1. We used to have this for the genesis, which we still have. I wonder what happened to this game?

  2. Blizzard is waiting for you, Sean…he needs you to take control and punish the other beast’s followers. Ha, ha.

    Not saying you should do some Primal Rage art…but you should do some Primal Rage art! ;)

  3. Primal Rage was on of the few “fighter” style games I was actually OK at…most of them I was terrible at…

    Thanks, I haven’t thought of this in years…

  4. Glad I could aid you in a trip down Nostalgia Lane, du8! :)

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