Fred and Barney Meet The Thing (1979)

I was scouring the internet this morning and thanks to Mike Sterling recalled this short lived animated series, only 26 11-minutes episodes were produced, and it was packaged with 7 new episodes of the returning Fred and Barney show.

In the shorts for the Thing, it centered on teenager Benjy Grimm and his exploits with his friends, Betty and Ronald Radford, at Centerville High School. He also had a little sister named Kelly Grimm and his sister was the only one who knew about his secret powers. By touching his two magic rings together and reciting these words, “Thing ring, do your thing!”, he would transform into the Thing. It obviously didn’t have anything to do with the Marvel Comics version of the character other than appearance.
Tell me he didn’t just kill that motorcycle gang!

The Thing was replaced in the next season with the Schmoo…sad times for Benjy Grimm. A big thanks to The Elusive Yeti for uploading that intro over on YouTube!


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