Lance Lot Link: Secret Chimp!

That Tony Danza Goin’ Ape post reminded me of a 60’s show that I saw in its rerun phase during the early 80’s. Lance Lot Link: Secret Chimp! It tells the James Bond’esque story of a secret government agency, APE, that fights the evil CHUMP. The show starred live monkeys that were dubbed. And to make the monkeys look like they were talking, they stuffed gum (something) in their mouths.

So, doing a YouTube search brought up the series. However, it required a login for age verification, which I thought was weird. But after watching the first five minutes, I think I know why. The series was produced in the age of non-political correctness, as clearly seen in opening credits. And thinking about it now, probably broke all sorts of animal rights rules as well.

Whatever, it was the 60’s! Enjoy. (Requires a YouTube account to enjoy.)

Patrick J. Doody

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