A Sucky Memory of Suckerman

I have one particularly sucky memory involving Suckerman.

(Photo by Gregg Koenig/Flicker)

Released by Mattel in 1978, Suckerman was some sort of bat/alien combination who was covered in suction cups and would stick to pretty much any flat surface, including windows, patio doors, mirrors, and television sets. The 70s version of Suckerman came in four colors: green (the one I had), red, black, and glow-in-the-dark white.

During one particularly hot summer, my cousin and I spent about fifteen minutes taking turns throwing my Suckerman over and over at an old abandoned refrigerator. When our arms got tired of throwing Suckerman, our curiosity got the better of us and we opened the fridge door. Inside, we found a bunch of hornets who were none too happy that we had been pounding the side of their home with Suckerman. The hornets chased us all the way back to my cousin’s house, stinging both of us in the back several times along the way.

That was a very sucky trick for Suckerman to pull on us.

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