Retro Gaming and Craft Beer…Perfect Together

Retro Gaming and Craft Beer…Perfect Together

Whenever I want to figure out if something is trendy or not, I look no further than Brooklyn. That NYC borough is a constant barometer of what is cool and decidedly uncool. Using this logic, it’s easy to see that both craft beer and retro video games are trending – and in a big way.

Barcade in Williamsburg, Brooklyn fuses craft beer and retro arcade games into a one-of-a-kind throwback experience. They’ve got all the favorites – Centipede, Pac Man, Galaga and even Paperboy. Craft beer has been on the upswing for a couple of decades now – the only segment of the beer industry that is continually growing year after year. But how do you explain the unlikely pairing with retro arcade games?

People are taking a step back and getting back to basics, so amidst the hype of stellar graphics and 3D, people are reverting to games like Zelda and Asteroids and dusting off their old Atari or Super Nintendo and it seems drinking beers made locally and in smaller batches. Which hopefully helps to keep the quarters rolling. It is not just the traditional gamers who are seeking out these experiences anymore.

I can tell you that retro enthusiasts aren’t the only ones sporting classic Atari tees anymore or having a beer while playing their favorite childhood game. In fact, retro t-shirts have hit the main stream. If you want to add to your retro gear, Crazy Dog T Shirts has a variety of video game and retro t-shirts. They’ve even got a deal running until the end of this month for $5 off any regularly priced item. Just use the code ICEPOP.

Bill Kingston

Bill is a big fan of nostalgia and the owner and operator of Crazy Dog T Shirts (

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  1. You know, I bought a set of those from thinkgeek. The ink on the Tempest came off on my hand last time I went to use it. Severely bummed at that.

  2. Seriously? That’s sad to hear…I really wanted those, now I’m not so sure. Thanks for the heads up though!

  3. I picked up a set and just handwashed them. Nothing came off, but I think I will take them to task and run them through the dishwasher to see how durable they are.

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